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‘.....just wanted to say thank you for the report you did for my son. His school have taken on everything you suggested and they've already seen massive improvements in his English work - he even said he enjoyed writing now.’ 

C. S. from York

‘Can I also take this opportunity to say how life changing this has been for Alfie. It has transformed his school day, and his self esteem continues to grow. He was frightened of trying anything new and would often have emotional breakdowns born of frustration and fear. He is now far more resilient, far more likely to say, "I'll have a go". He is being recognised for the clever little boy that he always was and has moved into the top sets in class, no longer assessed on writing alone. I can't thank or recommend you highly enough.’
C.H. from Bradford
Yorkshire Dyslexia Assessments
‘Tuition has had a huge positive impact on my son's learning. He has made notable progress in the sessions which has carried over in to his school work and levels. He is also noticeably more confident in contributing in lessons and generally more confident as a person. He loves his tuition sessions and looks forward to them every week.’ 
L.H. from Huddersfield
‘Maria has done a fabulous job with my son in what feels like such a short space of time!  The 1 hour a week has improved his confidence so much and his attitude to learning has completely turned around. He used to have such a negative attitude towards school, his teacher now tells me it's like having a different child who wants to learn and has such a positive attitude.  Although he is still behind his classmates, he is really making progress, and progress in any way is a massive step forward for him and it's fantastic!’ 
R.J. from Halifax
‘I have recommended Yorkshire Dyslexia to a friend and will continue to recommend to anyone who sounds like we did less than a year ago’ 
R.J. from Halifax 
‘My son is very happy to come to his tuition and he loves his tutor who has a great manner with children. The lessons are very well planned, enjoyable and offer him his own individual goals to work towards so that he can see the progress he is making. This in turn builds his confidence and self-esteem which was very low and he was unhappy at school until we found Yorkshire Dyslexia.’ 
H.H. from Halifax
‘Since starting the tuition Henry's results at school have made a significant improvement which is a mixture of the support he is getting but also his confidence and self-esteem. I cannot thank them all enough.’ 
H.H. from Halifax 
‘Finding dyslexia support for our son proved incredibly difficult, until we came across Yorkshire Dyslexia. Our son has found the tuition really helpful and enjoyable. He actually looks forward to his time with Kerry every week and has made great progress and boosted his confidence.’ 
I.M. from Leeds
Early recognition and appropriate intervention are keys to success!
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