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Privacy Policy

The following information outlines the Privacy Policy of Yorkshire Dyslexia. This policy is in place to ensure that information collected by Yorkshire Dyslexia, our assessors and our tutors is used in an appropriate and secure way.

Information Gathered

We collect personal information on the website only if you submit a Contact Form or book an assessment. This information is treated as confidential and is only used to fulfil your specific requirements. The personal information is stored securely. Only the owners of Yorkshire Dyslexia, our assessors and our tutors have access to clients' personal information and this is never shared with a third party.

Over the course of assessment and tuition at Yorkshire Dyslexia, information is gathered that allows the practitioner to make an informed professional decision as to the most appropriate assessment and tuition methods to be used. This information will include basic demographic data (e.g. name, date of birth, address, contact details etc.), as well as other information (e.g. test results) that is considered relevant in order to produce diagnostic reports and tuition plans. Documents containing this personal information are kept securely by our practitioners (assessors and tutors) in electronic format. The content of these reports is never shared with a third party
without your prior consent.

Please note that this Privacy Policy only relates to Yorkshire Dyslexia. If you link to other third party websites, please review their Privacy Policy.

Early recognition and appropriate intervention are keys to success!
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