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Support for Schools

Yorkshire Dyslexia offers a range of services to schools.  As teachers ourselves we are only too aware of the workloads and pressures accompanying the profession.  We know that each student has his or her own needs and that it is the teacher’s responsibility to identify and provide appropriate support to help every young person achieve his or her own potential. Yorkshire Dyslexia is able to provide guidance, support and consultancy to schools to help staff save time whilst being able to maximise support provided for learners with dyslexia.

Staff Training


Training can be tailored to meet the needs of your school but can include areas such as:

  • An overview of dyslexia

  • How to identify dyslexia in pupils

  • How to support learners one to one and as part of  the whole class

  • Tips on making your school/classroom/lessons dyslexia friendly

  • An overview of dyslexia support programmes

  • Maths and dyslexia

Specialist Teaching Assistants

We have specialist teaching assistants available to work in schools
with individual or small groups of students.  They are experienced in
delivering structured dyslexia programmes and working in a dyslexia
friendly way.  Schools are able to purchase this service from as
little as one hour per week.

Yorkshire Dyslexia Assessments
Access Arrangements


The Equality Act 2010 states that schools have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to avoid pupils with a specific learning difficulty being at a disadvantage compared to other pupils, this includes children with dyslexia.


Schools applying to the JCQ for examination access arrangements must submit data supplied by educational psychologists or specialist teachers.  At Yorkshire Dyslexia we are able to provide that data through psychometric testing of your students.   

To discuss what Yorkshire Dyslexia can offer your school and to find out more about the cost of our professional services please contact us by completing the online contact form here

Early recognition and appropriate intervention are keys to success!
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