Terms and conditions

Yorkshire Dyslexia set the following terms and conditions for both parties:


1. A request for an assessment can be made over the phone or by email.


2. Assessments cannot be guaranteed to be rescheduled to a later date and may be charged if cancelled.


3. The assessment request form must be fully completed and submitted to us before the assessment. Click here to request an assessment.


4. A full assessment usually lasts between 2 -3 hours. Assessment for Access Arrangements may be shorter.


5. The results will be analysed and a detailed report will be sent to you at your address within 4-6 weeks of the appointment. (If you wish to have the report within a week an additional £50 will be charged).


6. If you require an extra copy of the report, please state this at your appointment.


7. A quiet, uninterrupted space must be provided for the assessment to take place in.


8. Payment by cash or cheque must be made at the time of the appointment.


9. Yorkshire Dyslexia reserve the right not to accept a referral, to terminate an assessment or not circulate a report if:

  • the referral appears to be outside of their area of expertise

  • the client fails to cooperate with the requirements of the assessment procedure in such a way that may compromise the validity of the assessment

  • the client fails to comply with the terms and conditions outlined above

Early recognition and appropriate intervention are keys to success!